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About Us

 Puppies of Kendall is the best place for find a puppy. We have a great variety in different puppies. He does an exceptional job in what he does and that´s why puppy land is placed in one of the top puppy stores in Miami Florida. Also has great customer service and great quality of dogs.
Our puppies are advertised handed down from beautiful South Florida, and a beautiful home with a dog-loving family dedicated to their health and well being. Each on of our pups is cared for and loved equally. We understand that like any person who would care for a human, puppy is a living animal that needs love, caring, and attention.
All breeders within the Puppies of Kendall network ask that you seriously consider the responsibility involved in getting a new puppy. All breeds are extremely different and require different living conditions, exercise, grooming maintenance and attention. Thoroughly investigate a breed prior to a purchase decision.